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Teacher Career Transition Academy 


The Teacher Career Transition Academy

The most comprehensive, step-by-step guide to successfully changing careers.   

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Make the Switch: A Step-by-Step Guide
For Career Transitioning Teachers 

Shift Your Mindset   

Discover new perspectives, strategies, and tools that can help transform your mindset towards growth and pave the way for success in your new career.

Identify A New Career

Explore different career options, identify your strengths and interests, and make informed decisions about your future career path.

Create Your Marketing Materials

Learn practical tips and tools to help create effective resumes, cover letters, and other marketing materials that showcase your skills, experiences, and qualifications in your new career field.

Ace the Interview and Negotiation 

Learn proven interview, negotiation, and preparation strategies that will help you demonstrate your worth, articulate your objectives, and negotiate your salary with poise and assurance in your new career field.

Apply Coupon Code at Check Out:    VIP50  

Apply Coupon Code at Check Out:    VIP50  

Feeling burnt out in the classroom?

Unsure how to pivot your career? In this step-by-step digital Academy, you’ll gain valuable insights, knowledge, and skills to successfully navigate today’s job market. Our team of experts provide practical tools, resources, and strategies to help you:
  • Overcome the guilt of leaving the classroom
  • Identify your strengths and transferable skills
  • Explore new career paths
  • Optimize your resume, cover letter, & LinkedIN Profile 
  • Navigate the job search process with poise
  • Build the confidence needed to ace an interview
  • Negotiate salary and benefits like a pro
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Join our curated team of industry experts as they help you discover exciting new career opportunities and make a seamless transition to a new fulfilling new career.  

Meet our curated team of industry experts

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.

Deiera Bennett

LinkedIn Strategist

Charissa Stowers

Corporate Learning & Development Executive

Kate Hutson

Life & Career Coach

Rachel Serwetz

Career Exploration Coach &

Alyson Garrido

Career Coach

Annie Dean

Customer Success Executive/CEO

Holly Owens

Instructional Designer

Shannon Schwaebler


Reba Gordon Matthews

Educational Consultant, speaker

Lisa Harding

EdTech Executive | CEO of LearnWorld

When you enroll in the Academy
you get 12 months of access to… 

  • 22 Thirty-minute video lessons that walk you through the entire pivoting process step-by-step. Lead by our group of experts, you’ll learn everything you need from shifting your mindset, identifying your new career, building your resume, acing your interview, and negotiating your salary like a pro. 

  • 3 Digital Workshops for working through some of the toughest challenges like writing a winning resume, navigating and nailing the interview process, and negotiating like a pro. 

  • Knowledge milestone checkmarks to make sure you’re retaining the information in the Academy.

  • Downloadable resume and cover letter templates with accompanying explainer videos.  Don’t re-invent the wheel.  Learn from pros on how to create compelling resumes and cover letters.  And to get you started, save you time and money, you’ll get downloadable templates to make it easier than ever.

  • Digital exercises, worksheets, and self-reflection activities to help you identify a new career that’s right for you.

  • Our private community of fellow transitioning teachers, former teachers, and industry experts to help you stay motivated and answer your questions along the way. 

  • Special opportunities and events exclusively for Academy subscribers throughout the year to enhance your learning experience.
  • Content updates and added bonuses included as they become available throughout your journey in the Academy.   

Plus you'll be backed by a 30-day "take it,
try it, apply it" money back guarantee 

If you're on the fence... or other programs have left you skeptical...
Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the Teacher Career Transition Academy to the test and explore all it has to offer.

If you take the training, try the activities, and apply what you learned into your career transition and don't think the Academy helped you on your journey - let us know in 30 days. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of happiness to gain.  


The LearnWorld trainings have been a great way to dive into transitioning out of the classroom. They help focus attention on next steps and bring to light differences between the education setting and the corporate world.”
-lyndsey S.
“These trainings have been packed with highly useful and immediately applicable information. Thank you for doing them!”
“ I am a 17 year teaching veteran and have secured a job outside of education! I spent hours of my life filling in applications and getting so many "No thank you" responses. But I stuck with it! Just wanted to say thanks for giving us hope that there is life out there beyond the classroom!”
-Laura H.

The Academy is for you IF you... 

Are uncertain where to begin

Is the wealth of information for transitioning teachers causing information overload? Perhaps you know you want a change, but don’t even know what careers are possible after the classroom. We’ll walk you through it all step-by-step.  

Don’t have enough time
in the day

There’s lots of free information on the internet. But who has time to sift through it all? Not to mention vetting all the sources to make sure the information is reliable. Find everything you need all in one place. 

Suffer from self-doubt and imposter syndrome

Teachers have a plethora of marketable skills that can be leveraged outside of the classroom. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back – we’ll help you uncover your transferable skills and realize your potential. 

Are struggling with your marketing materials

Resumes. Cover letters. LinkedIN. Follow up emails. You have to sell yourself – and this is all BEFORE the interview. These are often some of the most overwhelming parts for many transitioning teachers. And we’ll walk you through it all step-by-step with templates, guides, and more. 

Have Interview Anxiety 

It’s tough to get an interview – so nailing it is critical. We’ll help you build your confidence and prepare you for some of the most common and challenging interview questions.  

Want to maximize
your earnings

Negotiation is an art – and chances are, as a teacher you’ve never been given an opportunity to practice. Learn how to negotiate like a pro to get the most out of your next job offer. 

Our Story

Two former Edtech executives saw the burnout and stress many teachers were feeling and decided to do something about it. Not only were they seeing teachers burnt out, stressed out, and mentally and physically exhausted… they saw that the thought of changing careers also added guilt, imposter syndrome, fear and uncertainty. How could anyone successfully pivot careers under that stress and pressure?

They decided to form a partnership and, LearnWorld was born.

LearnWorld simplifies the career pivot process with a step-by-step approach. Our group of trusted experts offer diverse areas of expertise; providing teachers with all the resources needed for a seamless career transition in one, convenient place.
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Lisa Harding, CEO & Co-Founder

In 2021, Lisa Harding left her 14-year career in EdTech to be a stay-at-home mom. But she quickly realized she missed working with teachers. So, she started an ed2edTech FB group to share her experience. The group quickly grew as teachers joined, and Lisa saw a need for a space that wasn’t overrun by “overnight experts” and had a diverse group of experts offering insight and professional guidance. 

Ernie Spadaro, President & Co-Founder

For more than two decades, Ernie has been an executive as well as a developer in the professional development and online learning space. During this time, he became increasingly dissatisfied with the standardized, one-size-fits-all approach to training offered by larger corporations and believed there had to be a more effective solution. Ernie is driven by a strong commitment to creating and delivering exceptional training content.
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