May 28, 2024 by Lisa

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#005: Overcoming 5 Major Career Change Obstacles Holding You Back

Do you feel stuck in your teacher career transition?

It’s likely one or more of these major roadblocks is holding you back.

In this episode, join me (a EdTech CEO turned certified teacher career coach) as we uncover the top 5 roadblocks hindering your progress and provide actionable strategies to overcome them.

With nearly half of new teachers leaving within five years and burnout of more seasoned teachers on the rise, navigating these transitions is crucial.

And it’s easy to get stuck.

From battling imposter syndrome to clarifying career goals, we'll tackle common challenges with practical tips.

Whether you're contemplating a change or already in one, this episode offers invaluable guidance to navigate with confidence. So, join me for an empowering discussion on how to overcome obstacles and seize new career opportunities.

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