May 25, 2024 by Lisa

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#003: From Teacher to EdTech Marketer - Part 1

with Meagan Johnson

Are you an educator intrigued by opportunities beyond the classroom? Delve into the exhilarating realm of marketing within the edtech sector in this teacher transition story! Join us for an insightful conversation with Meagan Johnson, a former teacher, who seamlessly transitioned into a pivotal role in the edtech marketing landscape. In her role, Meagan leverages her transferable skills while continually acquiring new ones. Discover why her employer values former teachers and gain insights into the intersection of teaching expertise and corporate marketing strategies in this enlightening session.

In this first of a two-part session, you will…

Hear a Real-Life Transition Story: Meagan will share her personal journey from the classroom to the corporate world of edtech marketing. And her tips and tricks for making a successful career transition.

Explore the World of EdTech Marketing: Gain valuable insights into the realm of edtech marketing, a vibrant and evolving domain so you can begin to explore if this career may be a fit for you.

Unlock New Career Possibilities: Understand how your teaching experience can be a valuable asset in edtech marketing – and what other areas you may want to upskill when trying to move into this field.

Experience Positive Change: Meagan will reveal the positive impacts of her career transition, including opportunities for growth, increased flexibility, and substantial professional development.

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