Teacher’s Guide to Alternative Careers: A Comprehensive Directory 

117+ alternative careers aligned with your expertise as a teacher
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Each career profile in the directory includes meticulous details such as an interest inventory, required skills, salary range, occupational outlook, additional education requirements (if needed), certification recommendations (where appropriate), and how closely the career field is related to K12 education.   

This Career Directory will...


Explore diverse careers aligned with your teaching experience. 


Save time with comprehensive information all in one place.


Identify careers that align with your skills and interests. 


Find careers that meet your salary expectations. 


Identify in-demand careers through occupational outlooks.

and so much more...

A Note from Lisa...

With over 14 years of experience in EdTech executive roles, I've mentored numerous transitioning teachers. After my own career transition, I recognized the need for reliable support in helping teachers transition careers. That’s why I founded the Teacher Career Transition Academy, a collaborative effort involving certified career coaches, resume professionals, industry leading executives, and life coaches.   This Alternative Career Directory was curated to help you explore and narrow down potential careers.

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