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24 Career Transition Educators of 2024


Digital content creator
Mrs. Frazzled is a former teacher turned digital content creator and host for "Teacher Quit Talk" podcast.

Follow Mrs. Frazzled for:
  • Educational insights
  • Career transition tips
  • Humorous takes on teaching
  • Community support for educators


Teacher tips & tutorials
Catherine Coyle is a former teacher turned ed-tech enthusiast and works for Novel Effect.

Follow Catherine for:
  • Classroom tips & tricks
  • Ed-Tech resources
  • Practical teaching tools
  • Personal insights on education


Milennial ms. frizzle
Maggie is a former teacher turned corporate trainer and content developer for Costco, Ph. D. student, and the voice for "Bad Teachers Club" podcast. 

Follow Maggie for:
  • Teacher well-being & work-life balance
  • Research insights: teacher attrition, identity, and grief
  • Burnout recovery tips
  • Realities of modern teaching
  • American education challenges


Content creator/virtual teacher
Allie is a former teacher turned digital content creator and beauty influencer.

Follow Allie for:
  • Education crisis posts
  • Teacher tips & insights
  • Reasons for leaving the classroom
  • Makeup & beauty tips
  • Hair care & styling advice


Educational Consultant
Jen is a former teacher turned educational consultant helping teachers maximize their planning time.

Follow Jen for:
  • Setting teacher boundaries
  • Time-saving hacks for teachers
  • Student-led learning strategies
  • Educational resources


Homeschool mom
After 10 years in the classroom, this former teacher decided to quit and is now homeschools her kids.

Follow The Stringy Mama for:
  • Kindergarten & PreK homeschooling tips
  • Reasons for leaving classroom teaching
  • Transitioning to homeschool mom life


Former Special ed Teacher
Kim is a former Special Ed teacher who was in the classroom for over 10 years and just recently resigned.
Follow Kim for:
  • Insights on resigning from teaching & mental health
  • Work-life balance tips
  • Classroom ideas & freebies
  • Differentiated activities & inclusive practices
  • Outdoor hobbies & activities


Wellness & Self growth
Lucy is a former teacher turned digital content creator and pilates instructor/co-founder of The Aligned Studio. 

Follow Lucy for:
  • Her reasons for resigning from teaching
  • Insights on leaving the teaching profession
  • Manifestation practices
  • Setting goals & personal development
  • Healthy habits & lifestyle
  • Workouts & pilates tips


Virtual content creator
Sami is a former teacher turned virtual wellness content creator and is sharing life after quitting teaching.

Follow Sami for:
  • Feeling good after teaching 
  • Emphasizing consistency
  • Fitness & health tips


Ex Teacher
Jo is a former teacher turned content creator sharing life after exiting the classroom.

Follow Jo for:
  • Teaching strategies & insights
  • Exiting the classroom transition
  • Finding success after teaching


Life after teaching
Molly is a former teacher turned content creator and shares her life after teaching.

Follow Molly for:
  • Life after teaching
  • Must-read books and book information
  • Motherhood insight
  • Shared resources


Former teacher
Daniella is a former teacher turned content creator and data-analyst.

Follow Daniella for:
  • Life after teaching
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Teacher horror stories
  • Working from home
  • Data tips


World Traveler 
Allison is a former art teacher turned social media manager and full time world traveler.

Follow Allison for:
  • World travel insights
  • Reasons for leaving teaching
  • Becoming a social media manager
  • Content creation tips


Transitioning Teacher
Shannon is a former teacher sharing insight on her life after she quit teaching.

Follow Shannon for:
  • Life after teaching
  • Funny teacher content 
  • Family life
  • Work from home life


Social marketer
Becky is a former teacher turned social media marketer and sharing her life after teaching as a mom.

Follow Becky for:
  • Personal journey & self-love
  • Transitioning from teaching
  • Pilates, healthy living & fitness insights
  • Empowering women & family focus


Georgia and Christine are former teachers turned educational consultants and hosts for "Making The Grade" podcast.
Follow Making The Grade for:
  • Resources for the classroom
  • Educational consulting podcast
  • Empowering teachers
  • Support for educators 


Teaching Red Flags
Mrs. Z is a former teacher turned digital content creator for teachers and how her only regret is not leaving teaching sooner.

Follow Mrs. Z for:
  • Red flags not to ignore
  • Confusing school system issues
  • Reasons for leaving teaching


Former Teacher
Alex is a former teacher who transitioned into the tech world as his new career.

Follow Alex for:
  • Reasons for leaving teaching
  • Transitioning from teaching to tech
  • Book recommendations
  • Life in the tech world


Teacher advocate
Ise is a teacher and small business owner who advocates for teachers standing up for themselves.

Follow Ise for:
  • Life in the classroom
  • Issues in the classroom
  • Advice for teachers
  • How to still have family time and unwind


Angela is a former teacher turned unschooler, author, and founder of PAX Academy.

Follow Angela for:
  • Information on unschooling
  • Insight and tips for homeschooling
  • Reasons for leaving the classroom
  • Books to read


Former teacher
Kelcee is a former teacher turned digital content creator and shares her life now outside of the classroom.

Follow Kelcee for:
  • How to leave the classroom
  • Reasons for leaving teaching
  • Life as a stay at home mom


Nervous system wellness
Mandy is a former teacher turned wellness content creator for teachers focusing on the nervous system.

Follow Mandy for:
  • Nervous system insight
  • Nervous system friendly teaching
  • Classroom management
  • Nervous system regulation 


Cat is a former teacher turned therapist in trauma and is also a writer.

Follow Cat for: 
  • Insight on therapy
  • Reasons for leaving teaching
  • What trauma is and different forms of abuse
  • Wellness and Books


Homeschool working mom
Katie is a former teacher turned stay at home working mom who homeschools her kids, and teaches on Outschool.

Follow Katie for:
  • Life of being a stay at home work mom
  • Life of being a homeschool mom
  • Learn more about Outschool
  • Marathon running life

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