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Teacher Career Transition Academy

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to successfully changing careers   

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Teacher Career Transition Academy 

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to successfully changing careers   

Before we tell you all about this program, let’s talk about
who this is really for… 

Teacher Career Transition Academy is for teachers like you. You’re feeling burnt out. Under appreciated. Maybe your mental or physical health is suffering… and all because of a job. A job you feel let you down. You’re ready to commit to a happier, healthier you… and you know that means finding a new career that will give you the flexibility, motivation, and environment to live your best life.  

Whether you're...

  • A long-term classroom teacher who has realized for awhile you’ve been feeling unfulfilled, and are finally ready to put yourself first no matter what stage you are at in your career 
  • Midway through your career and are overwhelmed with guilt at just the thought of leaving a profession you once loved, but also knowing you deserve to be happy
  • Just getting started in your classroom career but have quickly realized this isn’t the path you thought it would be, and you’re wanting to make a change now before you’re in too deep. 

You’re in the right place!

Teacher Career Transition Academy will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled expert guidance on your journey to creating a life you deserve from a career where you’re appreciated, valued, and motivated.   

By the end of this program you will have… 


Overcome the mental roadblocks holding you back 


Discovered a variety of career paths and narrowed your search 


Crafted a winning resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile 


Learned networking and online application strategies to land interviews


Navigated the corporate interview process and learned how to nail it 


Developed an expert negotiation strategy for when you get an offer 

You’ll do all of this, learning from our expertly curated team of certified coaches and industry experts...

Meet our curated team of industry experts

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.

Deiera Bennett

LinkedIn Strategist

Charissa Stowers

Corporate Learning & Development Executive

Kate Hutson

Life & Career Coach

Rachel Serwetz

Career Exploration Coach &

Alyson Garrido

Career Coach

Annie Dean

Customer Success Executive/CEO

Holly Owens

Instructional Designer

Shannon Schwaebler


Reba Gordon Matthews

Educational Consultant, speaker

Lisa Harding

EdTech Executive | CEO of LearnWorld

These experts guide you through four learning modules aligned to the 4 stages of a career transition

Shift Your Mindset   

Discover new perspectives, strategies, and tools that can help transform your mindset towards growth and pave the way for success in your new career.

Identify A New Career

Explore different career options, identify your strengths and interests, and make informed decisions about your future career path.

Create Your Marketing Materials

Learn practical tips and tools to help create effective resumes, cover letters, and other marketing materials that showcase your skills, experiences, and qualifications in your new career field.

Ace the Interview and Negotiation 

Learn proven interview, negotiation, and preparation strategies that will help you demonstrate your worth, articulate your objectives, and negotiate your salary with poise and assurance in your new career field.

Explore what you’ll learn in each module! 

Shift Your Mindset

Identify a New Career 

Create Your
Marketing Materials

Ace the Interview
and Negotiation 

Module 1: Shift Your Mindset

  • Unlock the Power of Mindset: Discover how and why mindset plays a pivotal role in a successful career transition.
  • Conquer Fears and Doubts: Learn the secrets to overcoming fears and doubts that may hold you back in your transition journey.
  • Defeat Imposter Syndrome: Recognize and conquer Imposter Syndrome, unleashing your full potential with confidence.
  • Transform Your Mindset with a Proven Playbook: Gain access to a transformative playbook that empowers you to shift your mindset for success.
  • Set Strategic Career Goals: Harness the art of goal setting to optimize your results, creating a roadmap to your dream career.
  • Network with Confidence: Develop the skills to network like a pro, forging valuable connections that open doors to new career opportunities.

Module 2: Identify a New Career 

  • Unlock the Career Exploration Process: Discover a proven step-by-step process for successful career exploration, ensuring you follow a path that leads to your ideal career. 
  • Conquer Fears and Doubts: Learn the secrets to overcoming fears and doubts that may hold you back in your transition journey.
  • Master Practical Transition Aspects: Understand the practical facets of a career transition, ensuring a seamless journey towards your next career.
  • Access the Career Exploration Video Library: Dive into an extensive video library featuring insights from professionals in various careers.
  • Research and Informed Decision-Making: Learn effective career research techniques, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed career decisions.
  • Navigate Salary Ranges and Occupational Outlooks: Explore salary ranges and occupational outlooks for a diverse range of careers.

Module 3: Create Your Marketing Materials

  • Create an Irresistible LinkedIn Profile: Develop a captivating LinkedIn profile that enhances your attractiveness to potential employers and bolsters your job search efforts. 
  • Craft a Dynamic Resume: Master the art of crafting a resume that not only showcases your transferable skills but also aligns perfectly with your desired job, making you stand out in the crowd. 
  • Compose a Winning Cover Letter: Craft a professional cover letter using advanced copywriting techniques that grab the reader's attention, making you a standout candidate. 
  • Efficient Job Board Navigation: Learn how to effectively navigate job boards and efficiently apply to job postings, optimizing your job search strategy. 
  • Application Tracking Mastery: Utilize a professional job application tracker to stay organized and gain a competitive edge by staying on top of your application process. 
  • Streamlined Templates: Benefit from plug-and-play templates that simplify the entire process, making each step of your job search a breeze. 

Module 4: Ace the Interview & Salary Negotiations

  • Create an Irresistible LinkedIn Profile: Develop a captivating LinkedIn profile that enhances your attractiveness to potential employers and bolsters your job search efforts. 
  • Interview Variety and Mastery: Learn about the diverse landscape of interviews, from styles to the types of people you'll encounter, and gain mastery in acing each one.
  • Comprehensive Interview Preparation: Delve into comprehensive interview preparation techniques, ensuring you're well-equipped for every round and style of interview.
  • Market Value Awareness: Learn how to determine your market value and confidently negotiate for what you deserve, maximizing your earnings.
  • Unlock Compensation Package Secrets: Gain insights into the components of a compensation package and discover how to maximize your total earnings effectively.
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills: Participate in an intensive negotiation workshop, equipping you to negotiate like a pro and ensuring you don't leave money on the table.

Our carefully crafted expert resources
make sure nothing is left out

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Coaching Videos

Accessible 24/7, our coaching videos offer an immersive learning experience meticulously curated by our team of experts. Learn at a time and place that seamlessly fits into your busy schedule, soaking in valuable insights directly from seasoned coaches. 

Career Exploration Video Library

Dive into the ever-growing Career Exploration Video Library, your gateway to in-depth insights from career professionals about a variety of alternative careers. This curated video collection provides an effortless path to discovering the career of your dreams.  
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Coaching Exercises 

Turn knowledge into action through practical application. These hands-on activities take course concepts and transform them into real-world skills, ensuring you not only grasp the material but also see tangible results that drive your success. 

Turnkey Templates 

Turnkey templates are your time-saving secret weapon. Whether crafting a resume, cover letter, setting goals, or tracking applications, we provide everything you need. These pre-designed templates remove the guesswork, making your journey smoother, faster, and more efficient 
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Resource Guides

Enhance your experience with these comprehensive learning companions. These invaluable reference documents provide supplemental insights. Download them, print them out – the option is yours.  

When you enroll in the Academy
you get access to… 

As an Academy member you’ll also get… 

  • Experience LIVE monthly group coaching calls to get a direct line to expert guidance where you can ask questions and receive real-time feedback and solutions.

  • Access to our exclusive Members-Only Community where you'll find unwavering support, motivation, and a wealth of knowledge from your peers, making your journey towards success even more collaborative and rewarding. 

  • Secure Priority Access to all upcoming LIVE webinars, ensuring you're continuously motivated and never miss out on valuable insights and strategies to fuel your journey. 

  • Enjoy the ultimate convenience to exclusive On-Demand access to all of our webinars so you never have to worry about missing out.  

  • Ensure you’re always equipped with the latest knowledge and strategies – all content updates are included.  

  • Unlock exclusive special events, discounts, and opportunities tailored just for members - a testament to our commitment to continuously provide exceptional value and unique perks to support your journey. 

Plus you'll be backed by a 14-day "take it, try it, apply it" money back guarantee 

If you're on the fence... or other programs have left you skeptical...
then we want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the Teacher Career Transition Academy to the test and explore all it has to offer.

If you take the training, try the activities, and apply what you learned into your career transition and don't think the Academy helped you on your journey - let us know in 14 days. You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of happiness to gain.  
“The Teacher Career Transition Academy has been life changing! The interview tips I learned from the Academy made a huge impact on my interview skills/follow-up questions and was one of the reasons I was able to secure an amazing new job. I've always been someone that is timid when it comes to negotiations, but I felt more confident this time around thanks to the Academy. I am so excited to start my next position and I have the Teacher Career Transition Academy to thank for helping me get there! I would recommend it to anyone!
Meagan J.
“I’m part of the Academy and it’s soooo worth it! I’ve learn sooooo much already. I wish I found this years back.”
Natasha K.
“Lisa and the Teacher Career Transition Academy helped me to better understand what changes I would need to make on my résumé and cover letters so that I was more marketable. In education, one résumé and one basic cover letter pretty much does the trick but depending on what job you’re applying for your cover letter and or résumé could look totally different. I learned so many new and important things. It’s definitely worth the price!”
“I’m learning a great deal and making immediate changes while using the Academy Training! I love how it’s helping me slowly fine-tune a direction for my talents and interests.”
Kate M.
The Academy has really opened my eyes about many things such as the different jobs out there, how important networking is, and so much more. I used to blindly apply to jobs and wonder why they never called back. Now I know, there’s a little more that goes into it than just submitting your current resume. Can’t wait to continue through the course, learn more, and gain the confidence and knowledge needed to make my transition! ”
Katie F.
“I joined last month and it’s been very helpful!”
Michele B.
“Lisa Harding from the Teacher Career Transition Academy, is incredibly kind and smart, always going the extra mile to help the members. Her expertise shines as she provides real workforce statistics without sugarcoating, showing her genuine care for helping teachers find their dream jobs.”
Kristin P.
I’m learning a great deal and making immediate changes while using the Teacher Career Transition Academy! I love how it’s helping me slowly fine-tune a direction for my talents and interests. 10/10 recommend!
Mark B.
“The Academy is so helpful, and the topics are relevant to what teachers need to know as we are making our way out of the classroom and into a corporate or other work environment.”
A. M.
“The LearnWorld trainings have been a great way to dive into transitioning out of the classroom. They help focus attention on next steps and bring to light differences between the education setting and the corporate world.”
“These trainings have been packed with highly useful and immediately applicable information. Thank you for doing them!”
“I am a 17 year teaching veteran and have secured a job outside of education! I spent hours of my life filling in applications and getting so many "No thank you" responses. But I stuck with it! Just wanted to say thanks for giving us hope that there is life out there beyond the classroom!”

When you enroll, you get access to
these great Bonuses 

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Teacher Career Directory: A comprehensive guide to alternative careers

Value $47

An educator’s guide to alternative careers, this comprehensive directory features 115+ careers that align with your expertise as an educator. Each career profile includes meticulous detail such as average US salary range, occupational outlook, interest and skills, and additional certifications (where applicable) that may be helpful.

Overcoming Fears and Doubts During Your Career Transition Meditation - VIDEO

Value $27

This professionally crafted template offers a polished, professional format that sets you apart from other applicants. It’s paired with an expertly-crafted video where you'll learn the "why" behind the template, equipping you with strategies for cover letter success. This dynamic duo will guide you through easy prompts, showcase copywriting best practices, and elevate your wording to wow employers. 
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